OEM Services

From transportation to storage, NVD offer a full range of OEM services

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Transport Services

Transport, vehicle tracking, vehicle preparation and storage options for dealers

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Vehicle Preparation

Repairs, fleet preparation, PDI, fit-out and more

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Fleet services

Full fleet services including vehicle preparation, custom livery, defleeting and more

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Discover the NVD Customer App

Track your vehicles in real time, order your pre-delivery services and improve customer service

The industry leading, NVD Customer App is the ideal tool to help you keep track of all your vehicle movements, streamline your daily business operations and improve customer service, all from one convenient point.

Track Your Vehicle Movements in Real Time

The NVD Customer Engagement App allows our customers to track their vehicles along every step of the delivery route. With real time tracking, the App shows you exactly where any of your specific vehicles are and provides an estimated time of delivery to each point along the route. This allows you to gain a clear picture of when your customers’ vehicles will be arriving, meaning you can get prepared in plenty of time and have the vehicle ready for collection, improving customer service.

NVD Customer App UK
NVD Tracking App

Order Pre-Delivery Services Straight from the NVD Customer App

The NVD Customer App allows users to place orders for crucial pre-delivery services, such as PDI checks, compound storage, ply-lining or tow bar fitting, pre-delivery fuelling, fitting and more.

With live vehicle tracking and pre-delivery services available from one convenient point, the NVD App helps you streamline your day to day operations, maintain visibility of all loads, save time and improve customer service.

Services you can book with the NVD Customer App include:

  • PDI checks
  • Pre-delivery Fuelling
  • Ply-lining
  • Fitting of Tow bars, beacons and lights
  • Storage and Compound Services

See what our customer say…

“I just checked in this customer’s van this morning that I had ply-lined before it arrived to us, using the NVD Customer App. Very simple and easy to use, very competitive quotes, and hassle free.”

Stephen Kearns
Volkswagen Commercial Brand Manager

Getting the most from the NVD Customer App

If you’re just starting with the NVD Customer App, please download the User Manual here 

Download the User Manual

Get the FREE NVD Customer App

Keep full visibility and control of your vehicle movements with the NVD Customer App. Track vehicles in live time and order pre-delivery services such as PDI checks, fuelling, special equipment fitting services and more.

Available to download from Google Play and the App Store.

Get the NVD Customer Engagement App

Track your vehicles in real time