About Us

A family-owned business, established in 1980, NVD was set up to assist vehicle manufacturers in the timely and incident free distribution of their products. We’ve established ourselves as a one stop shop providing the three main pillars of outbound logistics, including transporting, storing and enhancing our customers’ vehicles, prior to delivery to their end location.

Our Journey So Far

  1. 1926

    The Boland family, steeped in history within the automotive industry. Dating back to 1926 as early adopters, they embraced the motor car as a means of transport that was here to stay, and the opportunity it presented.

  2. 1980

    National Vehicle Distribution was born. James Boland was one of the founding shareholders.

  3. 1983

    NVD Rosslare was opened providing storage and vehicle preparation facilities to OEM’s.

  4. 1986

    NVD Cork moved from the Ford factory and a permanent premises was opened at the Marina providing storage and vehicle preparation facilities to OEM’s.

  5. 1988

    NVD Baldonnell was opened providing storage and vehicle preparation facilities to OEM’s.

  6. 1998

    The Boland family became the sole shareholders in NVD and Andrew Boland took over as Managing Director.

    NVD’s vision for full customer transparency was conceived. NVD Ringaskiddy was opened providing storage and vehicle preparation facilities to OEM’s.

  7. 1999

    An NVD Industry 1st. Bespoke Kerridge IT system introduced. Vehicle handling saw a 45% increase in efficiency.

  8. 2000

    Acquisition of CTL LTD. Customers can now avail of compound, transport and body shop services across our sites in Dublin, Cork and Rosslare, Ireland's three main ports.

    A new Vehicle Preparation Centre was opened on site in NVD Baldonnell. Providing customers with a One Stop Shop.

  9. 2001

    Another industry 1st.

    Narrow Band scanners and EDI integrations with customers were introduced. This facilitated a 35% reduction in admin time for our customer base.

  10. 2002

    Customer data automation. NVD introduced the automation of key customer information, no more manual data entry.

  11. 2003

    1st in the industry to introduce GSM scanners to the operation.

  12. 2004

    Paperless deliveries introduced facilitating customers to invoice on delivery instantly improving cash flow.

  13. 2005

    Dealer deliveries, 13% more efficient. Fundamental processes change to allow transport to drive production throughput in both compounds and workshops.

  14. 2006

    Data capture improvements. Linear barcodes replaced by 2D barcodes to allow more detail to be captured and transmitted.

  15. 2007

    15% efficiency improvement at peak seasons. Online dealer to dealer booking system launched.

    Greater delivery visibility for dealerships via proof of delivery email for each vehicle delivered including the ability to note any issues.

  16. 2008

    Pre delivery dispatch email introduced to enhance visibility to dealerships. They now had clear visibility of when a vehicle would be delivered.

  17. 2009

    1 Operational Function. Another fundamental change was made. The previously separate systems of 3 compounds, 2 workshops and 1 transport department became 1 operational function.

  18. 2010

    Vehicle Tracking. Each transporter was fitted with a telematics system. The purpose was to increase efficiency with a vision to allow further customer tracking to be developed.

  19. 2011

    Leveraged the utility of smartphones. Another NVD first as GSM scanners were replaced by smartphones to allow all communication be handled by one device.

  20. 2012

    Customer KPIs. Monthly KPI packs introduced to show performance levels achieved against previous months activities versus service level agreements.

  21. 2013

    Business Intelligence reporting introduced to the transport department for pre and post planning analysis.

  22. 2014

    Marine repairs 60% faster! Damage PDF annotation software introduced at ports to replace the paper based damage notification system. The process for handling marine damage repair is now 60% faster than before.

    Driver churn reduced by 88%. New driver recruitment and training model introduced.

  23. 2015

    Inform - Best in class integrated system introduced.

  24. 2016

    New Vehicle Preparation Centre opened in Baldonnell.

    Major system update, Softworks HR System, Sage Accounting, Annual Leave System.

  25. 2017

    2017 Large Company Category Winner (European Transport Safety Council - PRAISE Award).
    2017 Company Driver Safety Award (Brake Fleet Safety Awards).

    Alliance OEM contract secured in the UK.

  26. 2018

    2018 TruckSafe Audit (Gold Level)
    2018 Finished Vehicle Logistics High Performance Award (Automotive Logistics Awards - Europe)

    85% Automation of NVD loads. Flow concepts was established to deliver an automated load-building platform for NVD, with consideration for load profiling and measurement, route optimisation and least-cost solutions.

  27. 2019

    2019 Transport Company of the Year (Irish Transport & Logistics Awards).
    2019 Supplier & Collaboration Award (Irish Transport & Logistics Awards).

    Dealer Tracking App Launched.

    New compound in Kill Co Kildare operational.

    Swindon UK truck parking facility operational.

  28. 2020

    Real-Time Data. Development and implementation of real-time P&L within the Inform CPS system.

    New Southampton vehicle compound operational.

  29. 2021

    Business expansion.
    New Workshop Facility in Southampton operational February 2021.

    New Truck parking facility in Birtley UK operational September 2021.

    Harris contract secured in the UK.

  30. 2022

    New Bristol workshop and compound facility operational June 2022.

    Ringaskiddy workshop operational in May 2022.

  31. 2023

    CAFCO Acquisition April 2023.

    Opening of HGV workshop in Birtley UK October 2023.

    DFSK, Ora, and Fisker contracts secured in the UK.

    The Southampton facility moved to a new compound and workshop in July 2023.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the company most known, worldwide, for the digitisation of the FVL supply chain, trusted to deliver every day.

Our Values

Our dedicated team across multiple locations and many departments are the embodiment of our values. Everyday they are committed to continuous improvement and champion our customers’ requirements.