OEM Services

From transportation to storage, NVD offer a full range of OEM services

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Transport Services

Transport, vehicle tracking, vehicle preparation and storage options for dealers

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Vehicle Preparation

Repairs, fleet preparation, PDI, fit-out and more

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About NVD

A family-owned business, established in 1980, NVD was set up to assist vehicle manufacturers in the timely and incident free distribution of their products from receipt at first point of rest, i.e., port or factory, to dealers and other end user destinations. Our service offering is the integrated provision of the three main pillars of outbound logistics, including transporting, storing and enhancing our customers’ vehicles, prior to delivery to their end location.

National Vehicle Distribution Headquarters

Our Vision

“Our vision is to become the company most known, worldwide, for the digitisation of the FVL supply chain, trusted to deliver every day”

Andrew Boland


John Boland

Managing Director

Andrew Boland Jr

Head Of Finance

Susan Roche

Operations Manager

Des Cunningham

Business Development Manager

Ann Hinds

Chief People Director

Michael Howlin