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HGV Workshop

Our HGV workshop is a dynamic hub where passionate colleagues thrive. We tackle challenges head-on, ensuring our vehicles stay on the road. We're the driving force behind keeping transportation moving smoothly, dedicated to problem-solving and maintaining the heartbeat of our operations.it's about keeping the world moving, meeting customer demands, and playing a vital role in the logistics chain that powers our society. Every day presents new challenges and opportunities for growth.

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Vehicle Preparation Centre Workshop (VPC)

NVD’s OEM customers are the biggest in the business and our vehicle preparation centre reflects that. It’s a one-stop shop for pre-dispatch inspections, car conversions, fleet vehicle customisations, and crash repairs. Fueled by innovation, efficiency, and an unwavering commitment to customer excellence, our team's attention to detail ensures every vehicle leaves our facility in pristine condition and ready for its new home.

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Operations/Customer Care

We move thousands of cars every single day. Our operations and customer care department is technology focused and places the customer at the heart of our operations. We harness innovation for efficiency, ensuring timely, tailored support. Our commitment to a customer-first approach drives excellence everyday, with the goal of exceeding expectations to strengthen our relationships.

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Transport and planning

NVD’s transport planning department epitomises efficiency and technology-driven excellence. With the customer at the centre of every decision, we optimise routes, minimise delays, and enhance delivery experiences. Through innovation and data-driven insights, we're committed to providing seamless and customer-centric transportation solutions.

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Human Resources

Our HR department is a pillar of support, championing a vibrant company culture. We foster a sense of belonging, provide resources for personal and professional growth, and ensure fair and respectful workplace practices. Together, we create an environment where everyone thrives, contributing to our collective success.

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Business Development and Sales

Our customer-centric sales department goes beyond transactions, prioritising relationships and adding substantial value. We listen, understand, and tailor solutions to meet customers' needs, ensuring satisfaction and trust. We're not just selling; we're building lasting partnerships that benefit our customers in meaningful ways.

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