The NVD Vehicle Preparation Centre – Delivering the highest quality services to meet our customer needs

Customer service and ensuring our customers benefit from industry leading expertise in all areas of finished vehicle logistics is core to what drives NVD’s success. Our customers have helped shape NVD’s business principals and impacted on the services we deliver. Central to operations at NVD, we understand that the demands of the 21st Century requires fast paced high quality vehicle repairs and preparation, so that our clients’ operations run efficiently. That is why the NVD Vehicle Preparation Centre provides a comprehensive range of services, all under ONE roof.


NVD Vehicle Preparation Centre

Our fully operational facility offers services that include: vehicle repairs, resprays, vehicle enhancements, tow bar fitment and ply-lining, Sortimo racking and full PDI checks. Whether for individual vehicle fit out or large fleets, our team of highly qualified and professional technicians and fitters are able to carry out all pre-delivery inspections as required.

The Vehicle Preparation Centre can also carry out complete and comprehensive range of full fit outs for customer vehicles! With services from conversions to tow bar fitting, lights, beacons, livery & chevrons fitting and roof racks, we deliver the highest quality vehicle fitting services.

Ensuring your vehicles are delivered to you and your customers in the best possible condition is of utmost importance to us. This is why we have made ordering your repairs, fitting and carrying out PDIs very quick and easy to order. The NVD Customer Engagement App allows our customers to not only track their vehicles in real time but to order any pre-delivery services with a simple click of a button. Your vehicle will then be routed to our industry leading Vehicle Preparation Centre for the appropriate services before delivery to the customer.

For more information please visit our our Vehicle Preparation Centre web page or speak to one of our team members

To discover more on the benefits of using the NVD Customer Engagement App, please visit our dedicated App web page or contact our team for full details.