NVD Leading the Way in the Digitalisation of the Vehicle Logistics Market

Innovation has always been at the very core of National Vehicle Distribution. Driven by the requirement to understand and meet the demands of our customers, we continue to push boundaries, to become the company most known worldwide, for the digitalisation of the Vehicle Logistics and Automotive Transportation supply chain and who are trusted to deliver every day, in a timely, transparent and effective way.

We understand that the digitalisation of the vehicle logistics market is essential, to meet the demands of the 21st century customer, and therefore NVD has always taken a proactive stance in advancing digital technologies to provide a better customer service. This history of innovation has ultimately lead to the development of the NVD Customer APP. An industry first, the NVD Customer App allows all our customers (Dealers,  OEMs and others) to track their vehicles in real time, along all stages of delivery, providing exceptional visibility of vehicle movements and significantly improving customer service.

The easy to use App helps to streamline day-to-day business processes and work flows by allowing customers to order and book pre-delivery services, all on one easy platform, in the palm of your hand (or from your desktop). In addition to live tracking of your vehicle, the pre-delivery services available include PDI checks, compound and storage services, fuelling, vehicle upgrades, repairs, ply-lining, fitting and more.

We are proud that the feedback of the innovative NVD Customer App has been phenomenal, with customers heralding the App as an effective platform to use on the go, helping to streamline their day-to-day processes and adding a lot of convenience to their work processes. Paperwork and workloads are reduced, helping to improve the FVL supply chain exponentially.

Find out more on how the NVD Customer App can streamline your workflows and improve customer service.